Why SEO is Important

So, you are creating a new website and you want to attract users. What is the first thing you need to think about? Well, for me, it’s the users. But how exactly do we attract users? The answer is search engine optimization, or commonly, SEO. According to Victoria Edward’s article SEO Basics: 8 Essentials When Optimizing Your Site, SEO is fundamental and essential. She also states:

SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process or when people need your site.


What is SEO?

Edward’s article does a great job explaining SEO in 2 simple phrases. The first purpose of SEO is to create a great user experience. To me, user experience is extremely important. How many of you would waste your time on a website where you have no clue how to even navigate the site? Last semester, I took a class called Information Architecture. We learned an incredible amount about what people look for in an effective site, and user experience and friendliness was at the top. After taking that class, it is easy to tell whether a site will be effective.

The second purpose of SEO is to communicate to different search engines (one example is Google) so that they can recommend your website for relevant searches. Everything you do to make your site as effective as you can, such as having great content and great information architecture is beneficial, but will not matter as much if SEO is not a focus.


Taken from Wikimedia Commons

Taken from Wikimedia Commons


So why exactly is it important? 

Now that we know exactly what SEO entails, it is time to unravel the importance of it. Rank Executives, an internet marketing company, wrote an excellent article titled 10 Benefits of SEO. After reading and analyzing this article, you can’t help but to think that SEO is crucial to businesses. Ultimately, SEO is important for YOU. With SEO, you can see a clear increase in site traffic, and one of the big benefits is that you will stand out. With roughly 250 million websites on the web, it can be very difficult to make a name for yourself, especially in a competitive market. Also, according to Rank Executives, 60% of clicks go to the first result. So, only 40% of clicks on search engines go to the second thru millionth result. Securing that top spot would definitely gain thousands and thousands of visitors. The big question: Wouldn’t you want to be #1?


Since we now have an understanding of SEO and understand the importance of it, it is time to to optimize your site. SEO should always be thought about. Skipping out will do nothing but hurt you since you will lose out on maximizing revenue opportunities.

Questions to Consider

  • Can you think of other benefits of SEO?
  • Do you have any experiences optimizing a website?


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