The Importance of Using Social Media and How to Do So

Using Social Media to Increase Business Exposure So you’re a small business with a great business idea and promoting your product or service in a niche market. How do you gain exposure and increase your brand awareness? Over the past ten years, social media has had a direct effect on businesses. Whether a company has used social media to interact with customers or gain more market exposure, social media has tremendously impacted how businesses operate.  For instance, according to Edosomwan et. al., social media within an organization “helps strengthen the brand experience which will support brand building.” Social Media Tools Being that the way the world conducts business has drastically changed over the years, there are multiple social media outlets that can be used to promote a business. For instance business owners can utilize Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube to increase business exposure and connect with consumers.

Social Media Outlets

Importance of Using Social Media Social Media outlets greatly influence how an organization conducts business and has changed the dynamic of traditional marketing and public relations within a company. Here are a few reasons why social media is necessary to incorporate within a business:

  • Increases the amount of traffic to a business’ website
  • Builds a stronger brand and promotes brand awareness
  • Allows businesses to interact with customers and identify the needs of customers
  • Allows businesses to gather data about their customers

Effective Ways to Use Social Media Understanding how to effectively use social media within a business can be a bit tricky, but when done properly, can significantly generate positive results for the company. Here are a few ways to use social media to promote a business:

  • Engage in conversations with customers and build valuable relationships that attract customers to the product or service
  • Gather data from current and potential customers to tailor products and services towards them which will potentially increase revenue
  • Solicit reviews and feedback from consumers to address needs and improve products and services
  • Use analytic tools to gain a understanding about consumer habits and optimal times throughout the day to promote the business to optimize brand exposure

True Story In recent weeks, I have used social media to increase brand awareness for a small startup company. The company focuses on assisting students and parents in identifying and securing funding for higher education. On a daily basis I use social media to inform followers of upcoming scholarships and deadlines as well as useful tips for navigating through the college application process. I also solicit different questions from followers at address those questions throughout the week via Facebook and Twitter. By generating different conversations, other people have started to follow the company and contract the company to assist them in their search. Furthermore, I use analytical tools on Facebook and Twitter to understand when users view and share different posts in order to ensure I post information at optimal times when viewers are online.

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