Lessons Learned From a Panel of Community Experts

On October 15th, our community management class was able to conduct a Google Hangout with three people directly immersed in the world of community management and social media. Nick Cicero of LivefyreDavid Yarus from MRY, and Morgan Johnston from JetBlue were able to share aspects of their personal and professional experiences. Each of the social media savvy experts were able to contribute different pieces of valuable advice to the class and help extend our learning experiences from classroom activities and discussions.

Morgan Johnston shares advice with the class

Morgan Johnston shares advice with the class

Push The Limit Morgan Johnston discussed people who come into the field who don’t necessarily understand the rules within an organization. Questions like “You mean I can’t get away with this? Why not? Why are we doing this?” pushes people to be a better community manager. It’s important to ask questions and find out why people are doing what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how they’re doing it. Not only does it provide someone with knowledge, but it allows you to reevaluate policies that are being followed.

Social Is More Than Being Social Nick Cicero heavily discussed the involvement of social within different enterprise corporations. Community managers work with other departments such as marketing, public relations, and communications to ensure that the same information is consistently conveyed by the company. Because there will always be interplay between different departments., “you don’t have to be the hero even if you are the guardian.” Community managers hear what the community thinks and therefore feels a sense of ownership, but it’s important to remember that lots of departments that work together to promote the same idea. The different voices of these departments all have to shine through while wrangling many of the issues a company may face.

We Are All People On Either Side of The Screen Perhaps the most important piece of advice came from David Yarus, who reconnected social media back to the people and the more humanistic aspect of the job. He stressed that we were all humans on one side of the computer screen. He urged us to text people rather than send overly formal emails. People respond well when they’re treated as such. David said that remembering to be human gets you back real results.

Each of the panelists had different experiences that contributed to different advice that each student took away from the experience. All of the panelists spoke wondefully and I’m appreciative of the time they shared with us.

Do you agree with the advice above or have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below! 

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