It’s “Communication” Evolution Baby!


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Olivier Blanchard, author of the book Social Media ROI suggests that, “In order to understand the true power of the web, you have to look into the nature of humanity itself.”  Humans are inherently social animals, plain and simple.  That means that by definition, we are a species that thrives on member interaction.  We love to talk, we love to listen to and tell stories, we love to communicate, and we love to belong.  It is part of our genetic makeup.

We love to communicate!         

Let’s switch gears for a moment to ponder the evolution of communication and how it relates to the understanding of our love of social media.   In the video,“The Evolution of Communication” we are treated to an epic trip across time, chronicling each successive communication innovation, from cave paintings to the globally integrated world of today.  Communication techniques have changed since the beginning of human history, but one thing remains the same.  We clearly crave technologies that allow us to connect easier, faster, and better…social media provides all three.  It truly stands out from all other forms of communication breakthroughs.  In the video, they describe social media as “the biggest human activity shift since mankind first walked the earth.”

Which means the implication of social media’s power is staggering!

Blanchard explains that, “Social Media, at its heart, is people communicating and interacting, but can be considered a force multiplier as it takes word of mouth and multiplies both its velocity and reach.”   So, while our human evolutionary path has lead us to grow in numbers so large that we are considered a cosmopolitan species, meaning that our existence is completely widespread across the earth, so too should our communication abilities be considered cosmopolitan.  The article, “The Brief History of Social Media,” explains that  Social Media has enjoyed an incredible rise to unbelievable popularity and estimates that internet users will double in just 2 short years (in 2015) to a global total of some four billion, or nearly 60 percent of the Earth’s population!

Social Media has already evolved into a communications force to be reckoned with and it is still growing and expanding every day.   The digital age is here and will continue to advance to meet the needs of an ever interested population.   It is clear that social media satisfies our innate communication desires, but it is not the end of the communication road.  Only time will tell us what the next wave of communication improvements will bring.

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