How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

Writing the perfect blog post can be difficult. There are lots of things to consider upon outlining a blog post. What kind of title will attract people? What do people want to hear about? How will my blog post be different from others that are already published? These questions, along with many others, are all important for bloggers to consider before writing a post.


Darren Rowse speaks at a conference in Oregon.

Luckily, an article was written about how to craft the perfect blog post. Author Darren Rowse hits on several points, including the importance of your opening line and timing the publishing of your post correctly. Within each of his points, Rowse continues to break down the blogging process by further analyzing each of his general suggestions. In his post, Rowse jokes about the first thing his future wife said to him when they met to emphasize the importance of an opening line. Through personal anecdotes, Rowse is able to convey the important aspects of blogging to those reading along.

Reading these tips were not only interesting, but helpful. I’ve been a blogger for Infospace, the School of Information Studies‘ official blog, for almost two years! One of the areas in which I’ve struggled with most is finding a topic to write about. Although there is so much constantly happening in the tech world, I find that it can sometimes be difficult to write a post that is not only informative, but also offers perspective on a piece of technology. I’ve learned that it’s important to find something to write about that’s not only important to you, but important to readers! One piece that I wrote for Infospace which was incredibly important to me was this piece about what to do when your internship comes to and end. I wrote this at the end of my internship when I was starting to reflect on my experiences there and looked towards the future. I knew that many students were in a similar position as me, and decided that outlining best practices would be informative and helpful. The post received great feedback, and many people reached out to me thanking me for helping them. A blog post feels successful when you know that something you wrote resonated with people.

Rowse mentions the importance of connecting with an audience in his article along with another key piece of advice, which is to “picture a reader.” This unique piece of advice was something I never considered and feel could be incredibly helpful when writing a post. Rowse says to try and put himself in the mindset of a reader. It’s important to consider “their situation, needs, questions and challenges in front of” them. By analyzing what’s important to a reader, it can become easier to figure out what needs to be addressed in a blog post. I’ve promised myself to do the same for when I continue to write blog posts so I can address the needs of the audience. Blog post audiences can make or break a post. If a piece of writing is well received, then it can make a huge impact! Thinking about the audience is something to always remember.

Although there are a lot of things to consider when writing a blog post, I’ve learned that things come naturally once you start to understand the blogging community and you practice writing posts over and over. By following Rowse’s tips and continuing to blog, anyone can be well on their way to writing a great post.

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