How To Connect With Your Audience

This weeks topic was all about comments, blogger outreach, and ambassador programs. One article that I agreed with most was titled, “12 Ways Strong Social Brands Connect with Their Audience” by Britt Michaelia which gave great tips for brands to connect with their audience. A great quote in this article is as follows,

“The deeper we get into the social media age, despite its ever changing tides, the more clear it is how important connection is for establishing a bond with your audience.”

That is for certain. We are becoming more and more reliant on engaging with our audience. While there are twelve ways that successful brands connect with their audience, two of these in particular stood out to me and I will explain why.

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The Top 2

While I have to admit that all 12 of these ways that social brands connect with their audience are important, the two that struck me were:

  • They engage in meaningful conversations with their followers on a consistent basis.
  • They realize that without their audience, their message would not be heard, so they express and show gratitude often.

First, I think it’s pretty simple to understand that in order to connect with your audience, you are going to have to converse with them. But, the first bullet point states that you must engage in meaningful conversations with your followers on a consistent basis. That is where it differs from just simply engaging. Meaningful and consistent really make this bullet point stand out to me. There is a difference between a conversation and a meaningful conversation. Does the conversation pertain to your business? Will it positively help your company in any way? Also, the other word consistent is also very important. You can’t expect to connect with your audience if you are rarely engaging. Being consistent will keep the audience engaged. How many times do a week do you engage your audience? Are there days when you do not converse at all with the audience? All of these questions are ones to consider. I know that I personally do not like it when it feels like a brand goes M.I.A. and doesn’t respond or engage the audience for a while. This really puts a deep impression on them and routinely engaging with followers can eliminate this completely. 

Image courtesy of phat-kat-creative via Google Images "labeled for reuse"

Image courtesy of phat-kat-creative via Google Images “labeled for reuse”

Second, in order to connect with your audience, brands need to realize that they are nothing without their audience. Without them, their message would not be heard nor would it mean anything. This reminds me of a sport I particularly like. I am a big fan of snocross racing (snowmobile racing) which relies on fans and the audience. They are nothing without their audience. One of my favorite racers in particular realizes that he is nobody without them. He always has his race trailer open for people to come and engage with him in between races, as well as actively engaging with his fans via multiple social media platforms. It’s easy to see why he’s the most liked guy, and he has his audience to thank for that. He continuously thanks his fans (the audience in this case) and shows gratitude. This is pretty much the same as the second bullet, which is that the brand has to realize that without their audience, their message would not be heard, so they take the time to express their gratitude. Engaging with your audience makes all the difference and realizing how important they really are can go a long way. Showing your gratitude towards your audience can go even further.


I am not saying that these two are definitely the most important 2 from this article, but to me, they stood out. I think all twelve really encompass ways to connect with your audience. I ultimately think a little can go a long ways in terms of reaching out and engaging with your audience. Is it so hard to take 5 minutes out of your day to shoot a quick, “Thank you so much to our followers! Without you we wouldn’t be here!”?

Questions to consider:

Based on the list of 12, would would your Top 2 be and why?

Are there any more that you would add to the list?


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