Get off my Internet: Dealing with Backlash on Blogs

This past week, the #CMGRclass community was flooded with posts on how to handle online brands in disaster situations. Chobani, Kenneth Cole, and Miley Cyrus all served as case studies on how meltdowns are handled online.

But what if that meltdown happens in your space – or more specifically, on your blog?

Dealing with negative feedback is important, and it’s even more important on a blog. Your response to the feedback will be immortalized as long as your blog lives. So how do you manage this? Here are 5 things that you can do to deal with negative comments on blogs.

  • bloggingNegativity is inevitable. So make sure you’re ready with a plan on how to respond to negative comments of all kinds – whether it’s constructive or not.


  • conversePay attention. The end of the blog isn’t the blog – it’s just a means to a conversation. Pay attention to those that comment – be on the lookout for those who want to open up that conversation further.


  • leaderLead by example. How you respond to criticism will dictate how your readers respond to criticism on your blog, and may also impact how loyal followers will handle criticism “for” you. Do your best to keep dialogue open, but …


  • trollsKnow how to spot a troublemaker. Some people just like to stir the pot – or “troll.” Trolls will try to make you miserable and may even attack you personally, so remember the internet mantra and “don’t feed the trolls.”


  • networkMake sure you’re not breaking blogging etiquette. Attribute inspiration from other bloggers (which can help build your network), don’t steal images, and in general, be nice to other bloggers. Participate in other comment sections – you never know who might find your blog through theirs.


What else would you add to help deal with criticism on blogs?

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