Community Manager Interview with Allison Berger, TicketLeap

For my #CMGRclass Community Manager interview, I chatted with Allison Berger who is the community manager at TicketLeap.


TicketLeap is an online ticket sales and event marketing company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They specialize in seamless ticketing that is adaptable for events of all sizes. TicketLeap differentiates themselves from larger ticket companies by being fully customizable, offering a mobile box office and reserved seating, being built for social, and having extensive analytics.

Allison’s Role as a Community Manager

Allison’s main responsibilities as a Community Manager at TicketLeap include:

  • creating content for social media platforms
  • composing e-blasts and developing other marketing efforts
  • supporting the TicketLeap community through social outlets such as Facebook and Twitter
Allison’s Day to Day as a Community Manager

For Allison, each day as a community manager at TicketLeap is different which keeps her excited and engaged. Unlike many professionals, one of Allison’s first tasks in the morning is to go on Facebook. She also opens TweetDeck, works on her editorial calendar, creates content, does research, and spends a lot of time reading about community management. CMGR_interview_blogimageReading up on what is going on with community management, the new trends, and the latest tools is a very important part of her job since it is changing so often.

How Allison Connects with the TicketLeap Community

TicketLeap has many social networks they use to connect with their community, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. But Allison says Facebook and Twitter are the networks she uses the most. TicketLeap really focuses on social integration as part of their ticketing strategy and Facebook and Twitter are the main networks their community members use. Allison connects with her audience in other ways too. She tries out new tactics and launches new projects to see how her community will react.

The Difference Between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager

Allison has given a lot of thought about this topic. She is a community manager, but she also has many of the responsibilities someone with a social media manager title would have. The big difference for her, is that a social media manager does strictly content, and a community manager is more out in the world and wears many hats. She thinks that a community manager is a very broad title, whereas a social media manager title is more specific.

Why Allison Wanted to Be a Community Manager

The community manager job position appealed to Allison because she likes to make conversation, help others, and she really loves the internet. Talking, sharing, and writing are part of Allison’s nature, and that is why she thinks she is so drawn to the role of a community manager. Allison says that from an early age she learned the language of how to talk to people on the internet. She has been blogging and Facebooking since grade school, which she says has helped her become a successful community manager. She said communicating over the internet is not something that is complicated. The key factors are:

  • being friendly
  • being easy to talk to
  • making sure you talk/write so that people can relate to you
Tips for Aspiring Community Managers

Allison says the most important thing for aspiring community managers to do is to make connections. She says to get a twitter account and start talking.

Like other successful community managers, Allison has her own blog and a large personal social network that has helped her in her professional career. She wants to make sure that someone who wants to be a community manager is not overwhelmed by the words “make connects” or “network”. It can be simple and easy. She says, “just reach out to people by replying to tweets– you never know where it can take you!”

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