Blogging 101

This weeks reading had to do with how to write an effective blog post; and how to be a great community manager. The reading had a list of ten things that a Community Manager needs to follow to write a successful blog post and become a good community manager. This week I am moderator for Google+ Community and the #CMGRClass Twitter; and discussion has been developed off of these 10 items. Below I will talk about some discussion of some points that students raised:

Quality Control

The topic of quality control was talked about the most where a Community Manager should make sure there are no errors in information, or spelling as it makes the post look less professional. This is not only a blogging skill but a life skill that you will run into in the corporate sector.

Making Your Posts Matter

As a Community Manager you need to be sure you are able to get your point across to your readers. If your post has weak ideas without information to back up your points your viewers will possibly think that reading your blog is a true waste of time. A post with no point or purpose makes you look less credible and steers your audience away from you. Make sure your post is on point and does not fade away from the main topic. This does usually happen when a blogger is discussing many points and posts mainly about a key point instead of the main topic itself. 

Timing is Everything 

You want to make sure you have your post submitted for your viewers to read in a timely fashion as news becomes old quickly. With social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook events go viral quickly so blogging in a timely fashion is key to making sure you are able to “break” the news to your readers. A post about Apple’s new iPhone release is key to get out to viewers on the release day, and not a week or two later.

How you blog as a Community Manager will make you or break you. As a Community Manager you need to know the basics of Blogging 101 to be a success. Getting your audience to follow and trust you will make you stand out as a successful Community Manager. The points above are the most crucial ones to making your posts successful; and if they are not followed you most likely will not be taken seriously.

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