A community with flavor: conversation with 16 Handles’ Adam Britten

I had the privilege of having a chat with Adam Britten (@AdamBritten), the community manager behind one of my personal favorite brands, 16 Handles (@16Handles), a frozen yogurt phenomenon located in my native East Coast. Adam had a lot to say about experimenting in the social space, growing your audience/community, and froyo (duh). Read on for a glimpse into our Google+ hangout.

@AdamBritten of @16Handles!

@AdamBritten of @16Handles!

Trying something new

My favorite thing about talking to Adam was his passion for the brand. He truly loves 16 Handles and every customer, and it shows in every piece of content he produces. It is because of this passion that he has no problem taking risks with the brand, despite it being smaller in size and perhaps having a smaller national reach than some of its competitors (i.e. Yogurtland). This is probably best emulated through Adam’s Snapchat campaign, which ran earlier this year in January. He realized Snapchat was one of the only platforms that brands did not instantaneously jump on, but also knew it was a platform on which the core 16 Handles user lived. Britten recalled his Mother’s use of scratch-off coupons she received from Kohl’s that were only redeemable at the register. He took this idea and transferred it onto Snapchat, sending users who added 16 Handles as a Snapchat friend coupons that were in essence, only redeemable at the point of purchase (Snapchats expire after 10 seconds or less). The campaign was a huge success, and even recently¬†won a Mashie, Mashable’s new Marketing Awards, in the “Rising Star” category.

16 Handles' Mashie Trophy! (via @16Handles)

16 Handles’ Mashie Trophy! (via @16Handles)

Organic Growth

Many brands, especially those of a larger and more corporate nature, require SEO/metric deliverables each week, to prove to executives the reach social media is bringing to the brand’s community and how effective that is. In Adam’s case, he is not required to deliver any formal reports or numbers to his senior executives (although, he does that anyway, just because) or meet any numeric goals. Instead, Adam chooses to set these goals for himself. For example, each month, he strives to grow the 16 Handles’ following at a more rapid rate than the month before. It is this mentality that makes Adam a better community manager, because he constantly pushes 16 Handles to its fullest potential.

Flavors on flavors on flavors

Best part of Adam’s job? He also works with the operations team. AKA he helps them brainstorm, develop, and TASTE all of 16 Handles’ new flavors! Could there BE a better job? He told me they just finalized the flavor lineup for 2014, and that there are a few surprises in store. I can’t wait!


Thanks again, Adam, for taking the time to chat with me — I thoroughly enjoyed it!



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