Daily Archives: May 13, 2014

Real World Experience as a Moderator

Recently I had the opportunity to be the moderator for our CMGRClass. Although I had guidance from the assigned readings as well as examples from others within the class, I still felt a bit nervous in the position. I spent several nights thinking about how to engage my classmates as well as searching for new and fresh articles that would be of interest.  This was my first time in a position such as this and my main goal was to experience a week in the shoes of a Community Week.


This week I was able to moderate the discussion during the same week as one of our class panels. I found this to be very advantageous as well as thought provoking. I was able to more efficiently incorporate the panel discussion with our recent readings on building communities and Brand Ambassadors.


One of the hardest parts for me as a moderator was trying to be creative. No matter what role I take in life, I have never considered myself to be a creative individual. There were several times when I felt a bit frustrated because I could not think of new ways to get people involved.

That leads me to my second thought. I also found it difficult to engage people in meaningful conversation. I didn’t know what questions to ask people that would encourage them to think outside of the box and generate new ideas. Nor could I think of ways to encourage people to participate in the conversation. As a moderator there is a fine line of starting a conversation and dominating a conversation and I did not want to be the type of moderator that constantly posted various ideas and questions.Moderation Assignment tweets

My final issue I experienced was using Twitter and encouraging people to participate on that social media platform. I am not the biggest fan of Twitter and have never really enjoyed using it. I think my own personal opposition caused me to remain resistant to using it for the moderation assignment.

Life Lessons

We were approaching the end of the semester and as a moderator we had the responsibility of keeping users engaged. With that said, I learned that it is essential to know and understand your audience in order to provide them with information that they are interested in. We have discussed knowing your audience since the beginning of class, but distinguishing what I think may be interesting and what others may be interested in can be difficult. Furthermore, if I could redo my moderation over I would strategically plan out what I wanted to tweet throughout the week to ensure that I actively used Twitter. Overall, the moderation assignment was very interesting and allowed me to further understand the role of a moderator.