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MRY, JetBlue, & LiveFyre: How they do social

During the fall semester of #CMGRClass we got to hear three varying perspectives from the field of community management. The companies represented were, MRY, JetBlue, and LiveFyre.

What began as the youth centered social media marketing agency known as Mr. Youth has today evolved into the larger global digital marketing and technology agency known as MRY. David Yaris, General Manager at Mr. Youth, described his role as one with “a unique take on community management.” Yaris currently manages influencer communities, such as the small yet highly engaged communities and brand ambassadors. Using best practices culled from traditional community management practices, Yaris works to “ignite advocacy and word of mouth across college campuses.”

The social component of MRY is setup around its central Distribution team. The Distribution team follows a five-pronged approach with its subgroups: the paid, owned, earned, experiential, and analytical. The Community Manager role at MRY includes daily community monitoring as well as strategy and creative. The MRY CM works with the creative, strategy and analytics teams to construct the foundation. Here they focus on everything from what it is they’re executing, to writing posts, to working with the analytics to track back on efficiency and optimization of efforts.


Morgan Johnston from JetBlue, transitioned into the social media role from a corporate video position. When he joined the company, there was nothing in terms of a coordinated social media effort at JetBlue, aside from the MySpace account. The company’s very first interaction with social media proper came at the time of a crisis. From there the company started building up and experimenting with social media platforms such as YoutTube and twitter. The first and foremost principle of social media—talking to customers—helped aid the easy transition for JetBlue into the world of coordinated social media efforts.

JetBlue’s social media approach today is split in between three teams: Corporate Communications, Marketing and Commercial, and Customer Support. Corporate Communications, where Morgan sits, handles the big picture and the overall message of content.  The Marketing and Commercial side deals with brand stories, customer conversion, and delve into some content creation. The Customer Support teams, working 24/7, do the lion’s share of day-to-day social engagement. Handling everything from the tweets that come in for JetBlue, to hand-tagging for sentiment analysis, the Customer Support staff helps move customers around the organization. Since their social efforts are closely tied in with their operational team, the Customer Support staff also uses the information they gather to help implement operational changes. With the aid of a fourth component, the Customer Insight team, JetBlue is able to take data gathered, as well as surveys for analytics, to build a voice of the customer. In this way JetBlue, as a customer service company, is able to ask the ultimate question: How likely are you to recommend JetBlue to a friend or family?


Nick Cicero, Lead Strategist at LiveFyre, also fell into social. Initially starting out in music production, Cicero found himself getting into important conversations thru early platforms like MySpace. From there Cicero started working with companies to develop music for their content campaigns and in that time worked with big name artists like Kanye West, to get their communities growing. Though he started out as an independent music marketer, Cicero today works at LiveFyre to create technology to execute campaigns for a variety of brands. Being the strategy side, Cicero works with members who are CMs for other businesses and brands. Together, Cicero and the members he manages, work to identify how they can create engagement opportunities and how to better talk to their customers.

LiveFyre, as a company, is in the business of product commenting on live blogs and chats. Like many large businesses today, LiveFyre has lots of different departments dedicated to social media efforts. The Marketing and Customer Service teams are focused on maintaining communities related to LiveFyre internally. Both departments work in tandem to lead generational opportunities by responding to customers. They also pay special attention on constant monitoring of social platforms, Cicero is a big fan of HootSuite for this.  There is also an emphasis on following the chain of command internally to work with external customers.