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Top 3 Tips for New Community Managers

It is crazy to think that it is the last week of the semester. With all these wonderful topics we have discussed, it is a great idea to wrap up the semester discussing some last tips for aspiring community managers and potential jobs and the job outlook for community managers or social media managers. One of the articles this week titled, “10 Tips For Aspiring Community Managers” by Vadim Lavrusik really gave great insight into some “do’s” if you get the chance to become a community manager.

Lavrusik’s Top 10

Lavrusik’s top ten were as follows:

1. Be an expert of your product or company
2. Love the product and company
3. Work on your communication skills
4. Blog and have a social presence
5. Be authentic
6. Be multi-skilled and prioritize platforms strategically
7. Listen, add value, and build relationships
8. Engage online and off
9. Think like an entrepreneur and be quick to adapt
10. Empower your colleagues to be community builders

While I truly think these are all extraordinary tips, there are 3 that really stand out to me.

My Top 3


Photo courtesy of Dirk Bartels and Olaf Lewitz

Photo courtesy of Dirk Bartels and Olaf Lewitz

Be an expert of your product or company – This is a big one for me. There are so many instances in which I have personally experienced someone working for a company and doesn’t have a clue about their product. While this person might not be a community manager, I can definitely see how crucial it is to have knowledge of the product and company. I mean, you are trying to build the brand and influence the community. You should definitely know a good deal about it. I love the quote in the article stating, ” It’s important to research the relevant aspects of the company with a “fine tooth comb mentality” because you truly do have to do your homework. A community manager is very important to the brand, and in my opinion, if you don’t know the ins and outs of the product or organization, it can be a big disadvantage.

Be multi-skilled and prioritize platforms strategically – I always knew that you would have to be multi-task and be multi-skilled in order to be an effective community manager. But, I didn’t exactly know how important that would be until the last panel we had. Jenn Lopez who is a community manager at Moz, really opened my eyes to this. She discussed how it is so important to be able to do multiple tasks. In her department, she makes sure everyone has the skills to do any job. That way, if someone falls ill or someone simply isn’t there, other people can step up and help. Every day could be different for a community manager, and that is something I have learned in this class. Being prepared by having numerous skill sets is a plus because like already stated, you never know a skill that could come in handy when you’re engaging with your community!

Engage Online and Off – the more I research and learn, the more I find this important, especially for an aspiring community manager. It’s obviously crucial to engage online with the community, but it is also very important to engage offline. When we had the last panel, Topher, a community manager at Google discussed how having community manager hangouts and different meet ups have really influenced him and the people he has met in these hang outs have become his mentors. Meeting up not only improve your communication skills, but it can also build long-lasting relationships. A great quote from Lavrusik’s article is as follows, “Though online community is important, connecting with people in-person will help strengthen the relationships you build.” With someone seeking a community management position, relationships and communication are key and engaging offline may be able to help you get into that position that you are seeking.

Question to consider

While these are my top 3, they may not be yours. Ultimately, I think the biggest question would be: