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Can annoying your community ruin your brand?

This weeks reading had to do with how you should reach out to users individually to build relationships with them. Facebook and Twitter are great tools for managing communities and reaching out to your users. effective outreach is the key to getting people involved. I know I personally get a numerous amount of Direct Messages on Twitter, and even private Facebook Messages. I find these to be highly annoying which is why I never respond or click on what any of the messages say. This photo to the right is one of the Direct Messages that I received today, I know I’m not going to like their Facebook page just because of this annoyance.Screenshot 2013-11-04 18.09.28


Being personal really means reaching out to a client in a way that is not spamming them. Many clients feel good when you send them messages with their name, letting them know that they are more than a like or follower, and that you are there for them. This is what being personal is; not sending out constant links and typical form letters like some companies think.

Many communities have issues with being social. Some think that being social means posting links to new products, and sending those dreaded spam emails or letters. That is not even close to the definition of social, which is reaching out and getting to know your clients and community.

Screenshot 2013-11-04 18.38.52


One company that does a great job at being social and personal is Verizon Wireless. Any time I have an issue with my phone I will go on Twitter and tweet my issue to them. Usually they will reply back extremely quickly with a friendly message and a request that y

ou Direct Message them your name and phone number so they can call and help you out. Sometimes they will also ask you what the issue is and try to solve it through Twitter as a way of trying to help out multiple customers. They are being personal by trying to be personal with a quick reply; and are asking you to Direct Message them. Even though, Verizon Wireless asks for me to Direct Message them I look at it as a positive thing and don’t hate the brand for them doing that.

Verizon Wireless is also great at being social by reaching out to their clients. I remember one time I had tweeted that “I got a new Droid #DroidUser #VZW”. They saw that I used their hash tag and reach

ed out to me on twitter saying enjoy the new phone and if I had any questions to just ask away. This is good service where Verizon Wireless is not annoying their customers or destroying their online brand.