Daily Archives: October 27, 2013

MRY, JetBlue, and LiveFyre all in One Place

MRY, JetBlue, and LiveFyre had community managers present a panel to the class on October 15th. Each of these companies are in different segments in the professional world. They each use social media to reach out to clients and their customers that are at the forefront of creating online advertising and social media campaigns. Each of the presenters mentioned that they “fell” into their space as there really was’t a “social media” roll before.

LiveFyre had mentioned that they think there will always be a blend of employees but now the jobs are a lot more defined; because of specialization. According to Jet Blue its not about what education or specialization you have, but what resources you can offer.


MRY has a distribution team that deals with paid, earned, experiential and owned analytics. The community managers are daily monitors; but also creatists.The CM works with creative, strategic, legal, and analytics team to be sure that the posts are to company standards, and effective



JetBlue has three teams to act as a checks and balance. Public Communications, Marketing, and customer support. The customer support team is 24/7 who monitors every interaction/mention that is on social networks. They look at all of the information to see how to make operational changes to make a better customer experience. Customer Insight is also a major team within customer support; they take surveys and measure analytics that they use to look at strategy with their customer interaction. There are about 27 people who work on the customer insight team managing the thousands of mentions per day, phone calls, and emails from customers. The mentions that JetBlue gets are mostly from customers in real time; allowing them to be proactive and change a situation before it begins.


LiveFyre has a team within marketing that deals with its customers. They are the ones who use and manage the social media to provide support to the free and enterprise users. LiveFyre uses HootSuite to see where issues are happening and use their customer support team to help figure out a solution. The strategy team has 3 people who create engagements for their customers to interact and share ideas. Some of the customers of LiveFyre are Community Managers who use LiveFyre software and interfaces. The current VP of LiveFyre was the first community manager, who they hired before engineers. This allowed them to get ahead on figuring out where they wanted to improve online discussions. As they have grown the whole support team is managing the enterprise accounts while a few people from different departments work with the free users.