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What are factors in social media analytics?

Today social media analytics are measured in a variety of ways for each different tool. Users generally think that analytics are just metrics, but they are so much more. When measuring analytics users and professionals should look at Strategy, Metrics, Organization, and Technology. By looking at each of these factors you will be able to determine if you are posting information that is effective and that your clients or users want to see. This should be a main goal within your company as social media can be a huge revenue generator.

Screenshot 2013-10-14 18.13.08Strategy is key for determining if you are meeting your companies goals while posting effectively online. One great way to make sure that your strategy goes as planned is to plan for the present and the future by looking at key objectives, your companies mission and vision statements should be studied closely when determining how to post and communicate with clients effectively. By developing a good strategy starting out will help in the future as little updating will be needed on how to interact with clients. If a poor strategy is developed you will have a hard time determining the most appropriate way of outreach.

Metrics are used to measure how effective your campaign is in interactions, and outreach. Metrics are closely nit with your strategy. If your strategy is planned out poorly then your metrics will reflect that. A company can measure many different elements of strategy to generate metrics such as the number of posts, interactions, mentions, tags etc. Using tools such as backtweets are some of the most effective ways of measuring some of these analytics. By developing an effective plan you can determine how your company is doing with its presence and you can make changes if necessary.

Organization is one of the most important factors when it comes to social media analytics. It is best that a company representitave investigates resources, employee expertise, and employee involvement before developing a strategy. Today many companies have problems with this as they don’t have adequately trained employees who know how to represent a brand. This costs companies a lot of money each year if they mess up when dealing with their reputation online, thus having at least one or more trained employees is key.

Technology and how you use it is key to representing your company. With adequate resources and employee training using devices such as iPhones and iPads with software such as hootsuite or TweetChat it makes it easier to manage your presence at one time. Employees are able to manage all tweets sent to a company Twitter handle, or even hashtags and try to effectively address any complements or concerns.