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Community Manager versus Social Media Manager Recap

One of the main discussions over the course of the semester for #CMGRClass was about defining the role of a Community Manager. Other topics surrounding this issue we have also discussed include:

-How the role of a Community Manager differs from that of a Social Media Manager

-What the confusion of roles means when searching for jobs in these fields

I am going to use this post to break down what I have learned and sum up a semester’s worth of discussions in one post! My definitions might seem vague, but that is because these roles will have different responsibilities from day to day and roles can differ depending on the company/industry. But overall, this is what I have learned:nut shell

What a Community Manager Does/Needs to Have (in a Nutshell)

  • Public relations
  • Customer relations/support
  • Business development
  • Social media marketing through blogging, Twitter, Facebook
  • Plans and hosts events
  • Have their own personal brand (blog, tweet on their own)
  • Have good communication (including writing) and people skills
  • Have authenticity
  • The ability to multitask effectively

What a Social Media Manager Does/Needs to Have (in a Nutshell)

  • Creates day to day content for the organization’s social networks
  • Grow social media accounts (increase follower numbers, likes, etc.)
  • Focuses on social media analytics
  • Monitors various social networking accounts
  • Reports on social media analysis and effectiveness of strategy
  • The ability to multitask effectively
  • The ability to see the big picture (i.e. how social media fits into the overall business plan)
Social Media Managers and Community Managers should work together!

Social Media Managers and Community Managers should work together!

I’m not sure where I read/heard this, so unfortunately I cannot attribute, but I believe this sums up the above bullet points into one cohesive idea:

A social media manager interacts on behalf of the company from the actual company account (e.g. @cmgrchat), where as a community manager interacts on behalf of the company from their own personal account (e.g. @jPedde or @KellyLux).

Why Knowing the Difference Between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager is Helpful

Knowing the differences between a community manager and a social media manager will not only help you, but it will help your current and/or future employer.  Here are some examples of how:

  • When searching for jobs, you will know the key words to look for in each position
  • When hiring a CM or an SM you will know what skill sets you are looking for in your future employer
  • If you have a good understanding of your role, you can do a better job
  • When the CM and SM know their separate roles, they can find the best ways to work together effectively
  • By making a distinction between roles, you can find out where you need improvement (building your community or analyzing data?)

 *     *     *

There is still so much to learn when it comes to social media management and community management. It is constantly evolving which makes it such an exciting industry to work in.

What other takeaways have you learned this semester?