Daily Archives: May 14, 2013

Finally, a job description for Community Management!

Time has certainly flown by! This is the last weekly blog post for CMGR Class and we’ll be concentrating on the job description of a Community Manager (CM). Based on the various materials that we have read throughout the semester, there seems to be a lot of confusion in the industry as to the specific responsibilities of a Community Manager. For the last readings, we concentrated on the definition of a Community Manager and what they should be doing in a company.

The Community ManagerStandard Definition of a Community Manager

Some companies in the industry have a very difficult time with defining a Community Manager’s responsibilities. According to Erin Bury’s article, a Community Manager is the face of the company and handles managing both incoming and outgoing communications. Depending on the company, this may or may not be beyond the expected roles that a singular person will take on. The Community Manager will work with existing Marketing, HR, and “Digital-Savvy” employees to ensure that the correct voice is being portrayed across all platforms.

Erin goes on to list some common responsibilities that a Community Manager may face, I believe the most important of which being content creation, customer relations and communication/marketing strategy for the company. Content is king and without it you have nothing to show for your efforts. Check out Lindsay Stein’s article that explains the trend of content being used as a valuable asset in the industry. Interacting with customers through major social media platforms is important for public relations and the sustainable growth of the community.

Social Media Manager vs. Community Manager

Based on the various articles that we have come across for the past 13 weeks, there is a difference between a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager. Many companies seem to use both titles interchangeably, which can be confusing to people attempting to enter the industry. There is no solid defined way to approach either position, but generally the main difference between Social Media manager is the concentration on only handling a company’s presence on major social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Community Managers should be handling the connection with people and the creation and sustainable growth of a community. There needs to be a clear definition of what your target audience is and how you will be measured for success. SMART goals are key when defining the role of either a Community Manager or Social Media Manager in your company. The role also needs to be scoped correctly; don’t overwhelm the position with random responsibilities that would fall more into a Marketing-specific role, such as creating print advertisements or creating internal correspondence for the Human Resources department.

Final Thoughts

This class has taught me what a Community Manager does and how they can add value to an agency. I believe that the role will be more clearly defined as companies implement it. Only time will tell if there will always be this mixture of social media / community management in a singular role.