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Class Hangout Review – Midterm paper feedback and fun

Unfortunately, I missed class last week due to other priorities I had at work in Pittsford, NY. I reviewed the recorded hangout and noticed that I missed a great discussion on the midterm paper, analytics and blogger outreach. Overall, the hangout seemed to generate a lot of useful discussion about content generation and what techniques Community Managers may use to keep their members interested.

The Power of Un-popular

The Power of Un-popular

The Mid-term Paper…

For my midterm paper, I chose to write about the book, “The Power of Unpopular” by Erika Napoletano. I approached the project by first creating a general outline of what I wanted to cover with the paper. Once I began reading the book, I kept modifying the outline to include specific information about the subject matter and what I thought of the featured concepts.

Generally, I found the book to be enlightening and quite entertaining. Material was presented in a unique fashion that wasn’t dry and kept the reader interested in what they were reading. After reading several business-related books, I found Erika to be honest and upfront without using a massive amount of jargon to make her point. Her advice was well received by me and I will definitely take her comments to heart when pursuing a new business venture.

I’m unpopular… and I’m okay with that!

Blogger Outreach

Last week we studied blogger outreach and how it can be used to expand a community’s audience. Based on the readings and discussion that occurred on Google+, I found that successful blogger outreach is done by knowing the blog, its purpose, and the author prior to developing a pitch.  Any marketer can create a generic advertisement in an attempt to get a blogger’s attention, but generally a more personal interaction is needed.

Bloggers are experts in their field and have their own audience. Getting a blogger to write for your community can expand your audience, expose you to new partnerships and add value through the knowledge they bring to the discussion. Along with the potential for expanding the audience, a blogger can drive the conversation within your community in a new direction that you may haven’t thought of before, thus making it more interesting for your active participants.

Brand Managers

Another topic that was discussed this past week was brand management – the idea of establishing a voice/personality for your company (or community). There was some discussion about using customers as one of the main ways to promote your brand and the various concerns with this approach. I’m generally on the side of using customers as your main marketing tool because they have the loudest voice.

Overall, great week and I’m looking forward to next week!