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Blogger Outreach Done Right – 5 Tips

Bloggers have become almost “God-like” in world of social media. The power of the internet has an immense impact on they way we communicate and bloggers have learned to harness it. They know how to reach a large audience (some across the globe) and are masters at promoting something they believe in. So it makes sense that other bloggers want to connect/link with them and businesses want them to promote their product or service. All of this is good stuff, but there are ways to reach out to bloggers,some are wrong some are right. Lets look at the right ways!


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Tip #1- Blogs are Earned Media

  • Bloggers have done a lot of work to build their community, respect that
  • They have earned the respect of others online and need yours when approaching them (you must earn their respect)
  • Bloggers relationships with community and others is “all important”

Blogger outreach is not a quick win. You will need to invest time, effort, and patience. Spend time to get to know the bloggers and what they represent. Check them out on other social media channels to make sure they are a fit for you and you are a fit for them. You can know they are a fit after you determine who your target audience is, what their interests are and where they “hang out”. Remember, trust and respect are everything as you start to build your your relationship.

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 Tip #2 – Help To Promote the Bloggers

  • Subscribe to their blog
  • Promote them on your Facebook page or Google+ and follow them on Twitter and re-tweet their best tweets
  • Offer them an interview or promote them to someone who will value their interview
  • Talk to colleagues about them and mention them in speaking engagements

Bloggers are looking to grow their own audience so they will value the fact that you have helped to promote them. This will also help you to build a transparent relationship with them that is based on mutual trust and engagement. This collaboration will serve both of you well.


 Tip #3 – Make It Easy for the Blogger to Write

  •  Give them the details in a short, concise manner and make it easy to read
  • Feed them an angle to make the story more interesting
  • Supply appropriate images and links to website

By making the writing an easier task, you will help the blogger, create a stronger relationship and give the blogger a reason to continue to work with them. Relationships are the most important issue in this world of social media, so do everything you can to maintain and grow yours with the bloggers. Making their life easier will certainly go far to help this process.

King Content

Tip #4 – Content is King

  • Make sure your content is relevant to the bloggers audience
  • Keep your message fresh, entertaining, and interesting
  • Be sure to be informative but DO NOT try to give a sales pitch ( do some impactful storytelling instead)

Quality is everything when approaching a blogger. The content you provide must be the most current information and should be shared in the context of a good story rather than a sales pitch. Keep it interesting and use humor when possible. Don’t forget to use relevant keywords and hyperlinks to get the best SEO posible.


track and measure

Tip #5 – Track and Measure

  • Once your story is featured have the blogger notify you so you can see the comments and interact with the community
  • Promote the post through your own social media channels and track levels of engagement
  • Measure what matters – use free or low cost tool to measure your predetermined objectives
  • Create a report weekly to see the progress

Always set your objectives for the campaign ahead of time. This will help you to determine what metrics to measure. Be sure to set up an automated system to keep track of the progress in case you get tied up. Use tools that you can become comfortable with – Google Alerts, Trackur, Inkybee, Viralheat are few to take a look at.

It is important to treat your potential brand manager as a partner  not a faceless tool. Be thankful for their help and don’t bombard them. Make them feel special! I hope you gained some insightful information and your time reading was well spent. I would love you to share some tools that you use for tracking and measuring as I am always on the lookout for improvements.

Until next time -“Happy Trails”!